Herbal Tobacco Company is a young company built on sound principles and positions that guide everyone who works in the company so that those adults who do smoke can have the highest quality products from the most reliable source.

On one side we are dynamic, creative and full of energy, on the other; we are precise and quality driven.

As a highly regulated sector, we attract and retain high-caliber people. We have built a people-oriented culture that encourages employees to pursue their personal ambitions in achieving our goal. Our employees are encouraged to take their careers in different directions and become knowledgeable about the many aspects of our business. This helps our people to develop, and makes us a better company.

Above all, regardless of role or job title, we are guided by our principles, a set of ethical beliefs that apply to all of our activities and align us in the pursuit of our goal.

Vision and Mission

Our goal is to provide high quality and innovative products to adult smokers.

We aim to reduce the harm caused by smoking by investing in development of products with the potential to reduce the risk of tobacco-related diseases. Our focus is on developing products that are less harmful than smoking conventional cigarettes.

We understand tobacco dependency and are aware of the harmful effects it has on our health. Keeping this fact in mind we know that tobacco is an addiction a number of people enjoy and will do our part to make it less harmful, more enjoyable and an experience to savor again and again.