What is Dokha?
Around for many decades, Dokha is original-tender 100% pure, additive free, Arabic tobacco. Unlike most tobaccos, Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but sun dried in the hot desert heat and finely ground in a timely delicate manner as to preserve the content of the tobacco, its strength, freshness and pure flavor. Due to the lesser degree of processing to arrive with the final product, Dokha tobacco appears essentially unaltered and maintains the green coloration of the natural plant. The tobacco, after being dried and ground, is then carefully blended with certain spice and herb combinations to impart the distinct and complex flavors.

How to smoke Dokha?
Traditional “hardware” used to smoke Dokha tobacco is the Medwakh, which is typically crafted of wood, metal or bone. A Medwakh is relatively small with a bowl size that accommodates about 0.15 grams of Dokha tobacco (1/10th of a cigarette) so that only a slight amount of Dokha is smoked at a time due to its highly potent and satisfying nature.

Is Dokha legal?
Yes, as long as you are over 18 years of age. Dokha is just a cleaner and better form of tobacco, the main difference is that it is smoked from an Arabic pipe called a ‘Medwakh’.

What are the effects of Dokha? 
When smoked through a Medwakh, you will get a ‘Buzz’ or a head-rush which lasts approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the ‘Buzz’ dies out. It’s certainly something we would recommend if you are a smoker as the amount of tobacco inhaled is much lesser.

How is Dokha tobacco different than cigarette tobacco? 
Dokha tobacco is not treated with chemicals or additives as compared to cigarette tobacco. Amount of tobacco inhaled is much lesser than a whole cigarette.

When smoked through a Medwakh, you will get a ‘Buzz’ or a head-rush that lasts approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the ‘Buzz’ dies out.

Is a filter required for the Medwakh pipe?
Yes, a filter is required for the your Medwakh. Every Iranian Medwakh has an imported bio – pipe filter attached to better the experience. We would strongly recommend using them to make it a more enjoyable and healthier experience.

How many puffs should be smoked out of each bowl?
3-5 puffs.


Why choose Dokha?

Quick and Easy – You do not have to stand for a long time like you would for cigarettes or cigars. It takes about thirty seconds to fill your Medwakh, smoke it, and have that special buzz running through your body before you carry on with your day!

Buzz – Dokha tobacco is a very pure form of tobacco and the buzz you get from smoking Dokha is very satisfying and unlike anything else.

Smoke wherever you want – Your car or your house. Clothes and breath will not reek of tobacco! The smoke does not cling to materials nor does it have the distinct and often unpleasant odor of other tobaccos – this makes it convenient when trying to conceal your ‘in between’ hits during the day.

Your Health – Since you are smoking less tobacco at a time with natural organic Dokha, if you maintain the same smoking habit, you are receiving less tar into your lungs from the filtered Medwakh. Also, chemical additives found in most cigarettes and cigarette papers are not present in Dokha tobacco. However it is still tobacco and we recommend having it in moderation.

Cost to you – Cigarettes, Cigars and other forms of tobacco are constantly rising in price far higher than Dokha. Now you can enjoy a more premium product, and save some money in the process with Dokha as an alternative. We have intensely calculated the average number of smokes available in one bottle of Dokha with ranging Medwakh bowl sizes. With one standard bottle of Dokha, you can expect to smoke between 70 – 80 times (5gms).

Stand out from the crowd – Without fail, your Medwakh will be an interesting conversation starter amongst your friends and others around you. There’s nothing more funny than watching a friend try Dokha for the first time!