Distributor Responsibilities:

• The distributor is appointed to sell HTC’s products in the agreed territory. Being a distributor of the products does not automatically entitle the distributor to sell all products shown on the company’s website.
• The distributor accepts the appointment and agrees to represent the interests of HTC and its marketing division within the terms of the agreement.
• At the discretion of HTC, products, prices and payment terms may be changed from time to time by amendment, deletion or addition. Where reasonably possible the distributor will be notified in advance with at least 30 days notice.
• The distributor shall promote and sell agreed HTC products and use its best efforts to maximize the quantity sold.
• The distributor agrees to maintain or employ adequate technical staff to maintain a level of expertise necessary to demonstrate, promote and support the sale and use by customers of the products.
• The distributor agrees to treat as confidential all information supplied by HTC and not to use this information for any purpose other than promoting and selling the products.
• The distributor agrees not to sell or promote competitive products and undertakes not to substitute alternative products for HTC products following customer enquiry. Such practice is considered unethical and future site access will be immediately terminated with an additional penalty.

The Company’s responsibilities:
• HTC will accept orders from distributors and use its best efforts to deliver them  within a reasonable time.
• HTC will provide support and assistance to the distributor by telephone or fax or email as may reasonably be required to promote and support the products.
• HTC will furnish the distributor with sales leads where appropriate.

HTC will accept orders by fax, mail/post or online/email. Usually orders will be confirmed within 24 hours of receipt. Shipping of product is only undertaken to the distributor. HTC will not accept orders for shipment direct to the distributor’s end user.

No returns are accepted without prior approval. In general, returns are only accepted for faulty goods or goods for repair. Faulty or damaged good must be reported within 3 days of receipt.
Any unnecessary costs incurred by HTC due to failure of the distributor to follow the return Instructions, will be billed back to the distributor.

HTC reserves the right to terminate access to distribution without notice in the event of a gross breach of conditions or abuse of the site.
All distributors are also governed by our standard terms and conditions.

If you are interested in being considered as a distributor for one or more of our product lines, we will be very pleased to hear from you. Please complete the preliminary Contact form